1. Our manufacturing process is basically a guage reduction process for which the raw material i.e. Stainless steel flats are first hot rolled and then cold rolled.

2. The Stainless steel flats are first cut into the required sizes and then hot rolled to convert it into 16 guage sheet or patta. Hot rolling involves annealing the flat pieces in furnance and then rolling it in heated state itself. End product of this process is Stainless steel sheet of 16 guage which is called “Hot Patta”


3.  Now, the process of Cold Rolling starts. The “Hot Patta” are first annealed in furnance at a temperature range of about 900°C.  This is called ‘Annealing’.  Then this annealed patta is then pickled in a mixture of various acids such as Nitric Acid, Sulphuric Acid etc.  This is called ‘Pickling’ and results in “Pickled Patta”.

4.  The Pickled Patta is then rolled in Roughing Mill. In this process the guage of the sheet is reduced to 20 swg from 16 swg.After this the sheet is again annealed in the furnance and pickled in mixture of acids.  After this the sheets are again rolled for final guage reduction and then finishing. 

5.  After the final rolling the sheets are again annealed.  Then the sheets are straightened in Straightening Machine.  These sheets are then washed in mixture of acids. 

6.  This process gives 22 guage sheets. The process is required to be repeated more number of times for further reduction. Now, the sheets are ready for dispatch.

7. Various ancilliary machinery are also required such as:
Roll Grinding: Rolls have to be grinded with high precision to ensure good surface finish of the sheets.
Sheet Cutting: Edges of the sheets are cut to form proper shape.
Filter Press: The acid mix water used for washing is treated properly before discharge.

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